[Open for application on 30 Sep] Job Creation Scheme for the Logistics Industry: University Graduate Subsidy Programme (運輸及房屋局物流業創造職位計劃:大學畢業生資助項目)

The Transport and Housing Bureau ('THB') of the HKSAR Government has launched a 'Job Creation Scheme for the Logistics Industry: University Graduate Subsidy Programme' ('the Scheme').

CILTHK is appointed as the Secretariat to assist in the administration of the Scheme. It is one of the job creation schemes established under the HKSAR Government's Anti-epidemic Fund to help local logistics industries to alleviate from the impact of the COVID-19. This Scheme aims to provide time-limited financial support to qualified employers for enabling them to provide job opportunities to 20182019 and 2020 university graduates working in logistics-related services.

Applicants must be a logistics related company or organisation and have recruited or prepare to recruit eligible university graduate(s) as their employee(s) to work on a newly-created and logistics-related job position on full-time basis. Successful applicant will be provided a monthly subsidy of HK$5,610 per month per eligible job position for up to 18 months.

Application Date: 30 September 30 December 2020 (both dates inclusive) or until the funding is exhausted.

Individual applicant shall complete the related application form and submit it along with the required information to For application details, please refer to the documents attached at the bottom of this page.

運輸及房屋局推出物流業創造職位計劃: 大畢業生資助項目(「計劃」),委任香港運輸物流學會作秘書處負責管理本計劃計劃是在香港特別行政區政府抗疫基金支持下成立,目的減輕新型冠狀病毒疫情對物流業的影響計劃旨在透過向合資格僱主提供有時限的財政資助他們能夠 20182019  2020年從事物流相關工作大學畢業生提供就業機

申請者必須為物流業相關公司或機構,聘請或計劃聘請合資格大畢業生成為其僱員,並為擔任新增設物流相關職位的職工作。成功申請者會就本計劃批准的每個合資格職位獲發每月港 5,610 元的資助,為期最多 18 個月。

申請日期:2020 年 月 30 起至 2020 年 12 月 30 日 (包括首尾兩天)  在撥款用罄前

申請者須下載表格填上所需資料,並連同相關證明文件一併透過電郵至 提交申請有關申請資料詳情請參閱本頁下方附

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