A commitment to CPD is an integral part of being a professional.

Whether it is through attending local events, running short courses, personal research, networking or other methods, we are keen to see members maintain their links with CILTHK and use the Institute as a partner for lifelong learning.

What is CPD?

CPD is described as ‘the systematic maintenance and improvement of knowledge, skills and competence throughout a professional’s working life’.  Keeping your knowledge and skills up to date in today’s fast-changing world of work is vitally important, yet some people find it more challenging to plan and systematically improve their own skills than to set up systems for continuous improvement in the workplace.  CILTHK offers members guidance and support to help them get the best out of their Continuing Professional Development.

CILTHK has made a strong commitment to CPD and all members are expected to adopt the philosophy as part of their own career paths.  Commitment to CPD will be seen as a key indicator when seeking to upgrade to higher levels of CILT membership.
CPD Structure.pdf
CPD Requirements.pdf
CPD Plan (11-2017).pdf

CPD Online Record System

To enable members to timely track and update their CPD records, we launch a new function, “CPD Online Record”, on this institute website. 

After signing into the CILTHK website, members can find the new shortcut “CPD Record” on the left navigation list under Member Area. For full attendance of any CILTHK event, such as a 2-day course and luncheon seminar, the system will update the CPD record of member automatically. On the other hand, members can also update their CPD records achieved from other professional body’s activities via this online system (information such as the activity date, organizer, topic, CPD point/CPD hour and description of the event are mandatory required when adding a new CPD record into this online system).

The below video demonstrates what are new functions and how to upkeep CPD records.