Member Grade  

ID Name   中文姓名 Member Grade   Company   Job Title   
1. Mr AGGARWAL Mithil         Student Member            
2. Mr. ANG Keng-lam     洪敬南     Chartered Fellow     Kerry Logistics Network Ltd.     Senior Advisor    
3. Mr. ANGELL Benjamin         Chartered Member     ARUP     Associate    
4. Mr ARORA Kshitij     Kshitij Arora     Student Member            
5. Miss AU Ka-hin Ally     區嘉騫     Student Member            
6. Ms. AU Tak-chi, Maggie     區德慈     Chartered Member     Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd.     Assistant General Manager    
7. Mr. AU Wing-fan, Peter     區榮勲     Chartered Member     Edrington Hong Kong Ltd.     Senior Supply Chain Manager    
8. Mr. AU Pun-sin     歐般仙     Chartered Member     AECOM Asia Co. Ltd.     Associate Director    
9. Mr. AU Fu-wing     區富榮     Chartered Member            
10. Mr. AU Chung-sing, Richard     歐宗丞     Chartered Fellow     CEVA Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd.     General Manager, Gateway Operations    
11. Mr. AU YEUNG Kin-wai     歐陽建威     Chartered Member     DIC Trading (HK) Ltd.     Manager, Shipping Department    
12. Mr. AU YEUNG Ching-cheong, Stephen     歐陽精祥     Chartered Member     Sunshine Traffic Engineering & Management Co. Ltd.     General Manager    
13. Mr. AUYANG Evan     歐陽杞浚     Chartered Fellow     Animoca Brands Ltd        
14. Mr BAE Soohyun         Student Member            
15. Mr. BAXTER Michael Ian         Chartered Member     Track International Consulting     Chief Director    
16. Mr. BELL Kenneth Iain     鮑健偉     Chartered Fellow     Tradeport Hong Kong     Chief Executive Officer    
17. Miss BENEDICTA Stefani         Student Member            
18. Mr. BENT Jeff     班智榮     Chartered Fellow     Worldwide Cruise Terminals     Managing Director    
19. Mr. BIAN Zehao     邊澤豪     Student Member            
20. Mr. BIYANWILA Isuru Ama Sameera         Affiliate Member            
21. Mr. BROWN Fred N.         Chartered Fellow     MVA Hong Kong Ltd.     Honorary Chairman    
22. Miss BUT Yee-man     畢倚文     Chartered Member            
23. Mr CAO Xiangwei     曹享偉     Student Member            
24. Mr CAO Qi     曹起     Student Member            
25. Mr. CHAING Chi-leung     蔣智良     Affiliate Member     Labour Department, HKSAR Government     Occupational Safety Officer    
26. Prof. CHAN T.S., Felix     陳東燊     Chartered Member     The Hong Kong Polytechnic University     Associate Head and Professor Department of Industrial Systems and Engineering    
27. Mr. CHAN Chi-pang     陳志鵬     Chartered Member            
28. Dr. CHAN Kwok-yuen, Roger     陳國源     Chartered Member     Morrison Express Co. Ltd.     Ocean Manager    
29. Ir CHAN Lok-cheong, Andy     陳樂章     Chartered Member     AECOM Asia Co. Ltd.     Technical Director    
30. Mr. CHAN Wing-yiu, Ronald     陳永耀     Chartered Member     HKSAR Government     Chief Land Executive    
31. Mr. CHAN Tak-choi     陳德財     Chartered Member     Kum Shing (KF) Construction Co. Ltd.        
32. Capt. CHAN Chi-pui, Michael     陳志培     Chartered Fellow         Retired    
33. Mr. CHAN Chun-ting, Jacky     陳振庭     Chartered Member     DKSH Hong Kong Ltd.     Manager, Client Management    
34. Miss CHAN Ka-lum, Lily     陳嘉琳     Chartered Member     MVA Hong Kong Ltd.     Divisional Director    
35. Miss CHAN Sau-kiu, Randy     陳秀嬌     Chartered Member     DKSH Hong Kong Ltd.     Shipping Officer    
36. Ms. CHAN Wing-kam         Chartered Member            
37. Miss CHAN Fung-kit, Florence     陳奉潔     Chartered Member     NTT Com Asia Ltd.     Bid Manager    
38. Mr. CHAN Kwong-yan     陳光仁     Chartered Member     Hospital Authority     Manager    
39. Mr. CHAN Yuk-hoi     陳旭海     Student Member            
40. Mr. CHAN Lok-kan     陳樂勤     Student Member            
41. Mr. CHAN Fu-fai     陳富輝     Chartered Member     Crown Worldwide (HK) Ltd.     Sales Manager    
42. Mr. CHAN Tin-lung     陳天龍     Affiliate Member     New Lantao Bus Co. (1973) Ltd.     Deputy General Manager    
43. Prof. CHAN Shueng-han, Gary     陳雙幸     Chartered Fellow     Hong Kong University of Science & Technology     Professor    
44. Ir CHAN Siu-ho     陳兆豪     Chartered Member     MTR Corporation Ltd.        
45. Miss CHAN Hoi-yee     陳海儀     Affiliate Member            
46. Miss CHAN Wai-ling, Queenie     陳惠玲     Chartered Member     Department of Geography & Resource Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong     Research Assistant    
47. Mr. CHAN Mun-cheung, Jimmy     陳滿祥     Member     MTR Corporation Ltd.     Traffic Controller    
48. Mr. CHAN Sai-chu, Ellick     陳世柱     Member     Serco Group (HK) Ltd.     Chief Operations Controller    
49. Mr. CHAN Cheong-kwok     陳昌國     Chartered Member     Swire Waste Management Ltd.     Administration Manager    
50. Dr. CHAN Cho-chak, John     陳祖澤     Chartered Fellow         Retired    
51. Mr. CHAN Kwok-keung, Nikeo     陳國強     Member     MTR Corporation Ltd.     Train Crew Officer    
52. Mr. CHAN Jolyon, Mantus     陳宗佑     Affiliate Member            
53. Miss CHAN Wing-kwan Debbie     陳詠君     Student Member            
54. Mr. CHAN Chun-pong     陳鎮邦     Member            
55. Mr. CHAN Tak-lung     陳德龍     Chartered Member            
56. Dato Ir Sr Prof. CHAN Kan-ip, Philip, H.E. Postdoc     陳勤業     Chartered Fellow         Retired    
57. Mr. CHAN Kun, Dawson     陳琯     Chartered Member     Beacon Logistics Ltd.     Customer Service Manager    
58. Dr. CHAN Wai-hon, Felix     陳偉漢     Chartered Member     The University of Hong Kong     Associate Professor    
59. Mr. CHAN Kai-ip     陳啓業     Member     Serco Lam JV     Senior Assistant Operations Controller    
60. Miss CHAN Pak-mei, Louise         Member     Ferguson International Freight Forwarders Ltd.     General Manager    
61. Miss CHAN Sze-mei     陳詩媚     Student Member            
62. Miss CHAN Ho-yee     陳浩怡     Chartered Member            
63. Miss CHAN Tse-ming, Barbara     陳芷明     Chartered Member     Arvato Services Hong Kong Limited     Regional Key Account Manager    
64. Mr. CHAN Ka-kui, Anthony     陳家駒     Chartered Member            
65. Mr. CHAN Ka-nang, Terry     陳家能     Member     AECOM     Executive Director    
66. Mr. CHAN Kam-tat     陳錦達     Chartered Member     Hong Kong International Terminals Ltd.     Assistant Manager    
67. Mr. CHAN Ho-nam, Dennis     陳浩楠     Chartered Member            
68. Mr. CHAN Kwok-kin, Keith     陳國健     Chartered Member     Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.     Associate Airworthiness Compliance Engineer    
69. Ms. CHAN Lai-suen     陳麗旋     Chartered Member     Bollyman Express Company Limited     Solution Executive    
70. Mr. CHAN Kwai-tim     陳貴添     Chartered Member     TTI Electronics Asia Pte Ltd.     Logistics Director, Asia    
71. Mr. CHAN Ka-hin     陳嘉軒     Student Member            
72. Mr. CHAN Sau-nam     陳笑南     Student Member            
73. Mr. CHAN Ho-lap     陳可立     Chartered Member         Retired    
74. Miss CHAN Mei-hang, Annie         Chartered Member            
75. Miss CHAN Siu-mui         Chartered Member     HKSAR Government     Senior Transport Officer    
76. Mr. CHAN Wan-fai, Benson     陳雲輝     Chartered Member         Retired    
77. Dr. CHAN Dorothy     陳阮德徽     Chartered Fellow     HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education     Deputy Director    
78. Mr. CHAN Tak-kwong, Dennis     陳德光     Chartered Member     Amway Hong Kong Ltd.     Director of Distribution & Experience    
79. Dr. CHAN Wai-sang, William     陳偉生     Chartered Member     HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education     College Senior Lecturer    
80. Miss CHAN Yee-lin     陳綺蓮     Chartered Member     MVA Hong Kong Ltd.     Technical Director    
81. Mr. CHAN Cheuk-ho, Edmond     陳卓豪     Chartered Member     ATTA- TRANS Ltd.     Executive Director    
82. Mr. CHAN Wing-tai, Simon     陳永泰     Chartered Member     Landmark Global     Project Manager    
83. Mr. CHAN Kam-fung     陳錦鋒     Student Member            
84. Mr. CHAN Chun-yin     陳俊諺     Student Member            
85. Mr. CHAN Lok-hang     陳樂衡     Student Member            
86. Mr. CHAN Yik-fung     陳益烽     Student Member            
87. Ms. CHAN Yuet-nam     陳玥楠     Chartered Member     Ove Arup and Partners Hong Kong Ltd        
88. Mr. CHAN Man-hong, Vincent     陳文匡     Chartered Member     MVA Hong Kong Ltd.     Director    
89. Mr. CHAN Kam-cheung     陳錦章     Chartered Fellow     Ace Protrans Forwarding Ltd.     Director    
90. Mr. CHAN Chi-ming     陳志明     Member            
91. Mr. CHAN Ka-leung, Ringo     陳嘉亮     Chartered Member     HPH     Terminal Manager    
92. Mr. CHAN Yiu-leung, Gary     陳耀樑     Chartered Member     HAECO     Inventory Management Officer    
93. Mr. CHAN Yu-kong, Hugo     陳宇剛     Graduate Member     NWS Transport Services Ltd.     Inspector Graduate Trainee    
94. Mr. CHAN King-fung     陳景峰     Graduate Member     Modern Terminals Ltd.        
95. Mr. CHAN Wing-tak     陳穎德     Graduate Member     Planning Department     Assistant Town Planner    
96. Mr. CHAN Moon-tong     陳滿堂     Affiliate Member     Fong's Steels Supplies Co., Ltd.     Logistics Manager    
97. Ir CHAN Yan-fan, Alan     陳仁勳     Chartered Member     St. Pauls' Hospital        
98. Ms. CHAN Shuk-hing     陳淑卿     Chartered Member     Airport Authority Hong Kong     Assistant Manager, China Development and Industrial & Gov Affairs    
99. Mr. CHAN Tai-fat     陳帶發     Chartered Member            
100. Miss CHAN Chung-sze, Amy     陳頌詩     Member     MTR Corporation Ltd.     Station Officer