In view of the high academic standard of the CILTHK Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE), it is envisaged that most of the candidates should be at least Student members of CILTHK, or he or she must be a Member (MILT) or an Affiliate Member before he or she is qualified to take the examination.  Furthermore, the examination also provides the chance for Chartered Members (CMILTs) to enrich their logistics and transport knowledge.

The structure of the PQE is now divided into two levels, which cover 11 subjects.  A candidate can attempt any number of subjects at either Ordinary Level or Advanced Level.  To meeting the academic requirement for being a Chartered Member (CMILT), candidate will need to successfully complete (and/or be exempted for) the Ordinary Level subjects plus subjects at either Transport Management or Logistics Management stream at the Advanced Level.

A MILT of CILTHK is entitled to an exemption of the Ordinary Level subjects in the PQE (Remarks: MILTs and former Associate Members elected before 30th September 2004 are also entitled to exemption of Advanced Level subject AL1 in the PQE).

Each examination paper consists of a total of 8 questions and is divided into two parts; namely, Part A and Part B.  Candidates are required to answer two questions from each part.