The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Library Regulation governing the use of the Institute Library at the CILTHK Office.

  • Each registered member can borrow a total of 3 items of library materials.
  • Each registered member can reserve a total of 3 items of library materials.
  1. Borrower should present his/her CILTHK Membership card to verify his/her identity.

  2. Membership cards are not transferable and borrowers will be held responsible for the use of the cards issued to them.

  3. Loss of a Membership card must be reported at once in writing. The fees in amount HK$30 shall be payable on the issue of replacement Membership card.  A borrower should apply for a replacement if he/she loses his Membership card, but simply request its replacement. Unless a Membership card has been reported lost in writing, card holder will be held responsible for any library material issued on it.

  4. Library materials for lending may be borrowed for a period of 14 days.  Unless already reserved by another reader, a library material may be renewed for not more than three consecutive times with a period of 14 days for each renewal.

  5. A charge will be made for library materials returned late at the rate of HK$1.5 a day or part of a day for each library material overdue.

  6. Besides renewing library materials in person, a reader may renew them by telephone or through the Internet.  Unless the library materials may have already been reserved by another reader or cannot be renewed for other reasons, renewal through telephone or Internet should be made at least one working day before the due date in order to allow time for returning them on time if the renewal is not permitted.  (Renewal by telephone: 2866 6336, or through Internet:  Internet renewal service is available 24 hours daily.)

  7. If the renewal through the telephone or the Internet is not permitted, library materials should be returned to the CILTHK Library on time.  Overdue fine will be charged for library materials returned late at the rate of HK$1.50 a day or part of a day for each item of library materials borrowed.  This regulation applies to all library materials including books, periodicals, compact audio discs, video tapes, and cassette tapes.

  8. A borrower shall, before leaving the Library, ensure that any library material issued to him/her is complete and undamaged.

  9. A charge will be made for any library material lost or damaged, which will be such sum as the Administrator considers necessary to replace the library or set of library materials which the library materials forms a part.  In addition, a surcharge of 20% of such sum shall be payable.