Enduring Membership Award
A new Enduring Membership Award (the Award) has been launched in August 2021 to acknowledge and recognise the support and dedication of individual members who hold his/her continuous membership of the Institute for forty (40) years or above.

The requirements and the nomination procedures of the Award are detailed as follows:

(a) The Enduring Membership Award is entitled to all grades of member who hold his/her continuous membership for forty (40) years or above;
(b) The maintenance of a continuous membership during the time period is mandatory;
(c) The length of individual membership is counted from the date his/her membership which was initially conferred by the Institute;
(d) The eligible member shall be no outstanding membership fee of the Institute that is due;
(e) The Administration Committee will prepare a list of eligible members based on the updated membership register of the Institute every year;
(f) The Administration Committee will forward the list to the Standing Committee for vetting and the Council for approval.

Successful members will be notified by the Institute individually.  Announcement on the final list of awardees together with presentation will be held at the Annual General Meeting of the Institute.