HKMW 2021  Emergency Pack for Cargo
GA/Salvage Security Collection involving Large Container Vessels

Mr. Peter Fei  |  General Manager  |  Mr. William Lai |  Assistant General Manager
Charles Taylor Adjusting - Marine, HK Branch

The grounding of the "Ever Given", an ultra large container ship, in the Suez Canal, has had immense effects on global supply chains, affecting numerous cargoes on their way to Europe. It leads to various issues, one of which being a long-standing principle unique to maritime transport since the ancient Greeks - "General Average". The core principle of General Average is simple (like "AA" system in defraying costs of meals among a group of attendants as part of our Hong Kong culture) but its implementation can be much more complicated requiring high expertise, particularly when multi-bills of lading cargo interests are involved in the process. Swift communication and cooperation between all parties is the key to resolve the large GA/Salvage security collection issues in the aftermath of a major shipping incident.  

This webinar aims at providing basics relating to the above from the perspective of cargo interests, and to set some role play discussing the practical issues/questions which cargo interests have been seen commonly encounter. It would be particularly appealed to shippers, consignees, freight forwarders, traders, insurance brokers and insurance companies etc. who may be interested in and wish to enrich their knowledge around this topic.

The Webinar includes:
  • Basis and typical examples of General Average
  • Roles of Average Adjusters
  • Types of security documents commonly required
  • Practical issues arising
  • Tips for hassle-free cargo delivery

Members and friends are welcomed. Come and join us for meeting fellow professionals online!

Date: 1 Nov 2021 (Mon)
Time: 5:30-7:00pm (Registration starts on 5:00pm)
Venue: Online with ZOOM
CPD: 40 points (for CILTHK members)
FREE admission
Medium: Cantonese (PPT presentation material will be in English)
Quota: 300
Enrolment Deadline: 27 Oct 2021

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