The 'Green Series' International Webinar | Supply Chain Sustainability in the Maritime Sector
Part of the CILT International Green Series, this webinar focuses on oceans and the maritime logistics and transport industry. The sea covers 71% of the earths surface, and travel across and trade in goods between nations is a critical part of our supply chains. In pollution terms 8 million pieces of plastic enter our oceans every day. We take an international perspective on the maritime sector with views from Asia, Africa and the Americas. We also seek to understand what we can do as individuals and professionals as we look at the impacts on our industry and the explore some innovative solutions too.

Featuring Sarinda Unamboowe discussing ‘Use Less Plastic – Small Wins in a Big Battle’, Margaret Kidd on ‘Sustainability, Skills and Social Development’, and Naa Aryeetey ‘Focus on the Maritime Industry’.  The recording of the webinar is now on the homepage of the international website and can also be accessed by following this link to the international YouTube Channel: